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Thursday, December 23, 2010


So three things could've gone better on the ride today.

First, I was trying innertube under the sole where the metal cleat and hardware is. Can't report on the success of this because I failed to recognize that most of the cold air was coming in from the top right above my toes where there was venting. Black duct tape here I come!

Secondly, after I finished, I took a look at my cranks and noticed 2 chainring bolts were gone completely. the remaining 3 were holding on for dear life.

Lastly, I forgot fucking WATER!

Besides that, it was good. Route was 10mi out and back with only one dog sprint.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bishop Bikes

The coplete set over at their Flickr. Lots more bike porn to look at, and to make whatever you're riding seem inadequate and ugly.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Been a while, A look ahead towards 2011

This year's racing was successful in my book. I was able to upgrade from 5-4 on the road. Cross season I scored a bunch of top 10's and up'd from 4-3 for next season. I also switching from DMOS to Bikeiowa.

As far as actual plans for next year, Cross is going to be the Give-A-Shit season. Still going to do road, but during the warmer months, it's going to play second fiddle to MTB. My main goal is to try to do some 50 milers and 6 hour races in the dirt and work on the technical skills and climbing, but not completely abandon cardio work like this year. Road races i'm going to try and hit are Snake Alley, Tour of Lawrence circuit race and some road races. Going to be doing less crits than last year.

The bikes are going to be my Gary Fisher Ion(plus some paint and carpet fiber blemishes from the East Villiage Criterium), the masi cross will most likely function as the mtb and he cross, and i'm hopefully going to add a 26" dj to the mix. The Fisher may be rocking some Apex, dependent on my financial situation and whether or not I decide to continue with SS for cross or go geared. For MTB, the Masi will stay as it is with mtb bars and 44mm mutano raptors. May become a 1x9/10. Next year for cross the Masi will be using proper cross tires instead of the ridiculous 44's like this year and will have drops.

Hope to see you at the races! Here's some pics from last year, thanks to all those who I borrowed these pics from.